Community Service


Students who attend Franklin Academy will be required to complete a total of 100 hours participating in community service as a graduation requirement.  The students will be required to complete a minimum of 25 hours per school year with the option of completing all of their community service hours at any time.  Students who enter the Franklin Academy in the middle of their high school career will need to complete a minimum of 25 hours per school year until their senior year.  The requirement may be fulfilled in a variety of ways, however students are encouraged to gain pre-approval of activities prior to completing them.  Students will need to provide documentation of service hours by filling out a community service form.  Students should be involved in activities that are volunteer opportunities only.  In addition, community service is the most popular requirement of many scholarships closely following a student’s grade point average.  The academy hopes to promote a feeling of community, citizenship, and growth in character through this requirement.

Community Service Guidelines:

Students should count activities which involve direct service to the community through independently arranged activities or through participation through established agencies.  Non-performing activities through church youth groups, cultural organizations, and established non-profit agencies are good choices.  Any community service activity that may be in questions should be pre-approved before completing the activity to ensure it would satisfy the community service requirements of the school. All hours must be submitted to the office within 6 months of completion and all hours must be completed by the end of May of a student’s senior year.

Download the Community Service Hours Log